Streets of Gold installation at Museum of London until 15 April 2012

Streets of Gold has been developed by motiroti under the creative direction of Daniel Saul. It features artworks that hybridise objects from the Museum's collection with the biographies and practice of artists who have migrated into London from across the globe. Work by Bojana Jankovic (Serbia), Golbanou Moghaddas (Iran), Dana Olarescu (Romania) James Voller (New Zealand) and Alberta Whittle (Barbados/Scotland) is located in the prestigious Sackler Hall. A range of community voices are embedded in the artworks, including migrant workers who clean the offices of London's Square Mile financial district, older people's groups in the city, local residents and verbatim testimony of the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011. If you're someone who has migrated into London at any time, your voice can be heard as well. Send @motiroti a tweet - or visit the entry on our Facebook page  and answer the question, "When does London become home for you?" - and your words will be incorporated into the art. If you're unable to visit the Museum of London during the run, and would like to listen to the creative journeys of the artists, the Museum is hosting some audio from each on its website, which is linked to QR codes in the exhibition space. Click on the names to listen to the artists: Daniel Saul Bojana Jankovic and Dana Olarescu Golbanou Moghaddas James Voller Alberta Whittle Streets of Gold has been developed in partnership with the Museum of London and with support from the Arts Council of England. If you are interested developing a Streets of Gold project where you are, in the UK or internationally, contact our Executive Director Tim Jones - tim (at) motiroti (dot) com.