Scoping visit to George Town, Penang

We've just returned to the UK from a scoping visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. As guests of the British Council, we've met with many friendly, frank and generous people who are exploring the arts and cultural opportunities in George Town - thanks to everyone we met for their time and great hospitality. We hope to reciprocate in the future by producing one or more great projects that play a part in harnessing the potential of Penang's heritage moment.

Soon we will create a blogging space to share our creative reflections, and as a means to extend the conversation and its network. It will be a public 'scrap blog', a place to throw ideas around and to build, challenge and refine. You're very welcome to join the conversation when it's up: we'll post the URL here when it is.

Particular thanks to Grey Yeoh and Wendy Hii of BC Malaysia for being such great hosts to us on this first visit :)