Our office is going virtual

As part of motiroti's change process we are saying goodbye to our physical offices at White Horse Yard in Islington, London, UK - and moving operations online. We're in the process of replacing our postal addresses with P O Boxes, and there are likely to be changes to phone numbers too. 
Sorry if these changes make us slightly more difficult to reach in the short term. Emails and Skype accounts for Ali and Tim remain active, as does our Facebook page and Twitter account (@motiroti). And of course we will be available in live spaces too - for meetings and to develop our future projects.
You may notice some other changes to this website over the coming weeks, reflecting the process of our fuller online migrations and a general drive to keep the website clear and stable while changes take root elsewhere. Please let us know if you have any problems on the site during this period, by emailing tim@motiroti.com. Thank you.