Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art

In collaboration with Potluck: Chicago, we have a new co-created artwork within a major touring exhibition developed by Chicago's Smart Museum. Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art is a timely exploration of how artists are using  shared experiences with food and drink to spark new encounters with the world around us. Visit the project blog here.

motiroti's contribution, developed in partnership with Potluck: Chicago, is an installation that asks visitors What Do We Want Our City to Become? Ali Zaidi has revisualised a map of the city's public transport network as a set of converging paths that contain documentation of The Potluck's process in the city since autumn 2011, and which invites Museum visitors to take part in the project's ongoing conversation with their own visions for Chicago, and their ideas as to how some of its challenges might be addressed. The question posed on the opening day was "What is your comfort food?" Already the wall is fully loaded with public views.
We're thrilled to be in the company of artists and ideas of this calibre. And that the ideas around food and hospitality that have informed our Potluck process, and our touring show Journeys of Love and More Love, are being recognised by major institutions like the Smart. Feast tours to the Blaffer Art Museum (Houston, Texas) in fall/autumn 2012 and to SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico, in winter 2013. And with such mouth-watering content, we're sure its curator Stephanie Smith won't mind us mentioning that it's available for booking elsewhere.

The show runs at the Smart until June 16th 2012, and includes art, documentary materials, and new public projects by Marina Abramovi and Ulay, Sonja Alhäuser, Mary Ellen Carroll, Fallen Fruit, Theaster Gates, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, InCUBATE, The Italian Futurists, Mella Jaarsma, Alison Knowles, Suzanne Lacy, Lee Mingwei, Laura Letinsky, Tom Marioni, Gordon Matta-Clark, Mildred's Lane, Julio César Morales and Max La Rivière-Hedrick, National Bitter Melon Council, Ana Prvacki, Sudsiri Pui-Ock, Michael Rakowitz, Ayman Ramadan, Red76, David Robbins, Allen Ruppersberg, Bonnie Sherk, Barbara T. Smith, Daniel Spoerri, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and others.


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