Though motiroti is unable to continue beyond March 2014, we have been concerned to secure the charity's archive for posterity so that people can be inspired for the future by its artistic achieveme

motiroti’s Board of Trustees regrets to announce that the company will be closing its doors at the end of March 2014.

motiroti was incorporated as a charity in 1996, following years of project-based collaborations led by Keith Khan, Ali Zaidi and their collaborators. We are proud that, since its formation, the company’s programme has reached millions of people in the UK and beyond, from regular arts-goers to - in particular - those from diverse cultural communities who might have no previous experience of engaging with artistic and cultural projects.

We are proud and privileged to be associated with motiroti’s history and track record, which on repeated occasions has achieved critical acclaim - through theatre, live art, installations, in public space, galleries, online and in other disciplines. The contribution the company made to progress around ‘cultural diversity’ in the arts, and through its pioneering approach to public participation in arts projects, leave an enduring and valuable legacy. We hope that the memory of the company will continue to be an inspiration to others to make work that enriches our shared culture, and which pushes the boundaries of the roles the arts can play in positive social transformation.

The closure of motiroti is a result of the extremely difficult situation for sustaining the work of smaller UK based arts organisations in recent years. There have been significant reductions in levels of available statutory funding, and increased competition for these funds. motiroti’s Board and staff have worked together to try and establish an alternative model, and to secure new financing, which might enable the company’s programme to continue. All options to keep the charity solvent have been considered, and we have also actively sought professional advice concerning Trustees’ responsibilities in the event of a decision to cease trading.

At the same time, as far as we have been able, we have continued to deliver a public arts programme - recent examples being our Streets of Gold exhibition at the Museum of London, our Potluck residency in Chicago, and Multiwalks, our pan-European artistic walking tours.

We remain committed to supporting the interests of the communities that motiroti has reached during its lifetime. As individuals, we will continue to seek new opportunities in the contemporary landscape that extend motiroti’s legacy. Challenges to established models of culture sector financing and multiculturalism require new and radical thinking about how motiroti’s consistent aspirations - of using culture to contribute positive social change, of celebrating and empowering communities, of fighting discrimination and injustice - can endure in new ways. Despite the challenges, ways forward can and must be found for artists and communities to become empowered through creativity.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the artists, staff, Trustees past and present, patrons, funders, partners, collaborators, communities and others who have played a part in motiroti’s journey. Thanks to everyone who has funded, commissioned, enthused about motiroti and its work, and to our audiences, communities and to the public for their support over the years.

Our MultiWalks App launches today on iOS / iPhone, with the Android version coming soon.

Hack the Barbican logo

This Monday (12th August) at 6.30pm we're presenting Multiwalks at Hack the Barbican, an exciting 'building hack' of one of London's largest and most renowned cultural institutions. Barring any last minute bugs, we're days away from the launch of Multiwaljks and we'll be explaining the app's content, software and process as well as motiroti's ongoing interest in artistic city walking. It's free - join us!

Rita Ray is a curator, performer, Club DJ, broadcaster, presenter, and compiler, and to add to this impressive list, she is also now one of motiroti’s trustees. We’re delighted that Rita will be joining us as a key member of the motiroti team contributing to creative direction and company strategy, by bringing a wealth of new skills and expertise to the Board as we continue to create and collaborate with world city communities, partners and clients.

Gabriel Gbadamosi here tells us about Vauxhall and his encounters with the signs of violence from the Richardson gang and his understanding of the changing corruption within Vauxhall's economy from gangs to the corporations developing the area today.

Check out the new MultiWalks website and sign up to be the first to find out when the MultiWalks app is released!

Announcing the second of our series of MultiWalks tours... A journey through invisible Vauxhall with Gabriel Gbadamosi, whose brilliant debut novel, 'Vauxhall' has just been published to great acclaim.

We’re very excited to announce the first of our series of MultiWalks tours! First up, we’re in Lower Marsh with Ali Zaidi, revealing the remarkable social and culinary ingredients of the Waterloo Quarter!

We held an interactive walking tour workshop that was co-authored by the participants. Read about the range of stories and storytelling techniques used.